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Avoiding Disappointment (Second Edition) - McWeeney, Thomas

Avoiding Disappointment

Leadership Driven Factors that Produce Useful Strategic Plans

Second Edition

Thomas McWeeney

  • ISBN: 97801-942456-12-4
  • 2021
  • $66.00 (FREE shipping)
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  • Avoiding Disappointment presents a unique approach to public sector strategic planning that conveys the author’s personal experiences with government leaders who sought to transform the government agencies that they were entrusted to lead. This approach has been used by dozens of government agencies whose experiences are chronicled throughout the book. Part 1 focuses on the CSF approach and its implementation. Part 2 includes a brief case study of six very successful leaders of high-level government agencies, the issues they faced, and how the process set forth in the book provided the means to overcome them.

  • A must reading for leaders of public agencies who are seeking to begin a new strategic planning initiative or revise an existing one for their organization.
Public Affairs Practicum - Slagle, Williams

Public Affairs Practicum

Derek R. Slagle & Adam M. Williams

  • ISBN: 978-1-942456-11-7
  • 2020
  • $32.00 (FREE shipping)
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  • Public Affairs Practicum addresses emergent issues in the field that should be of interest to a wide range of stakeholders from students and scholars to practitioners. First and foremost, the primary goal of this book is to explore ways to bridge the gap between theory and practice by examining issues that are viewed as relevant within the academy and by practitioners in public administration and policy.
Public Procurement (Second Edition) - Roman, Matthews

Public Procurement

A Guide to the Body of Knowledge through Exercises and Case Studies

Second Edition

Alexandru V. Roman & Darin L. Matthews

  • ISBN: 978-1-942456-10-0
  • 2020
  • $74.00 (FREE shipping)
Instructor's Copies
  • Aligned with the UPPCC Body of Knowledge
  • The ideal textbook to use to prepare for the CPPB, CPPO and MCPP
  • Designed for both Students and Practitioners
New for Instructors
  • Powerpoint lecture slides
  • Instructor's Guide with suggested answers and interpretations to the exercises
Social Equity in a Time of Change - Johnson III

Social Equity in a Time of Change

A Critical 21st Century Social Movement

Edited by Richard Greggory Johnson III

  • ISBN: 978-1-942456-05-6
  • 2017
  • $20.00 (FREE shipping)
  • The chapters in this edited volume were written by academics and practitioners who gave presentations at the Social Equity Leadership Conference held at the University of San Francisco in 2016.
Politics of Intergovernmental Relations (Third Edition) - Fredericksen, Witt, Nice

The Politics of Intergovernmental Relations

Third Edition

Elizabeth D. Fredericksen, Stephanie L. Witt, & David C. Nice

  • ISBN: 978-1-942456-04-9
  • 2016
  • $66.00 (FREE shipping)
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  • Thoroughly revised with up-to-date coverage of the evolving political demands being placed on all levels of government in the United States
  • Features a new chapter on Native American Tribes and their complex relations with the federal, states’ and local governments
  • New chapter on the development of networks of public, business and nonprofit organizations that work together to implement public policy
Public Budgeting (Second Edition) - Nice, Fisher

Public Budgeting

Second Edition

David C. Nice & Patrick Fisher

  • ISBN: 978-1-942456-02-5
  • 2016
  • $53.00 (FREE shipping)
Instructor's Copies
  • Updated coverage of budget defecits
  • Updated coverage of grants-in-aid programs
  • More in-depth analysis of government revenue
  • Revised coverage of capital budgeting
Public Administration (Fourth Edition) - Cayer, Baker, Weschler

Public Administration

Social Change and Adaptive Management

Fourth Edition

N. Joseph Cayer, David L. Baker & Louis F. Weschler

  • ISBN: 978-1-942456-01-8
  • 2016
  • $53.00 (FREE shipping)
Instructor's Copies
  • A concise, well-balanced overview of the field of public administration
  • A thematic approach using the swamp as a metaphor to analyze the difficult and ever changing environment in which today’s public administrators must operate
Public Personnel Administration (Sixth Edition) - Cayer, Sabharwal

Public Personnel Administration

Managing Human Capital

Sixth Edition

N. Joseph Cayer & Meghna Sabharwal

  • ISBN: 978-1-942456-03-2
  • 2016
  • $53.00 (FREE shipping)
Instructor's Copies
  • Enhanced coverage on cyber security
  • New discussions on the impact of social media on personnel management
  • Updated research on sexual orientation, diversity, generational differences, and inclusion
  • New section on employee engagement
  • Instructor's resources include a test bank and PowerPoint lecture slide
Governmental Budgeting Workbook (Third Edition) - Baker, Fudge, Roman

Governmental Budgeting Workbook

Third Edition

David L. Baker, Marc K. Fudge & Alexandru V. Roman

  • ISBN: 9781942456001
  • 2015
  • $25.00 (FREE shipping)
  • Ideally suited for online courses: includes writeable PDFs and word doc files of all the assignment sheets
  • Two new case studies added:
    • Budgetary Ethics
    • Budgetary Obligations
  • With a minimum bookstore order of 15 copies, you can order a custom edition of the workbook containing only the exercises you want at a low
  • Quizzes, tests, and PowerPoint slides available
  • Instructor's Guide available
Physical Anthropology Lab Manual (Second Edition) - Austin

Physical Anthropology Lab Manual

Second Edition

Janice Austin

  • ISBN: 9780972441995
  • 2015
  • $27.00 (FREE shipping)
  • Labs can be taught in any order to accomodate different teaching styles
  • Takes a hands-on approach with exercises where students work directly on specimens rather than with photographs of specimens
  • Extensive coverage of comparative primate anatomy and locomotor patterns, human osteology, and forensic skeletal analysis
  • Thorough and up-to-date labs on primate and particularly hominin fossils
  • An abundance of line drawings which clearly point out the morphological features under discussion
  • Instructor's Guide available: provides step by step help on setting up labs and answer sheets for all assignments